EUPEN (Link) (4km): tbe dam and the Hertogenwald wood, the chocolate factory Jacques (Site web), the historical city museum (Site web), swimming pools (open air or not), the sport center.
The city of the Middle Ages, LIMBOURG (site web) (4km)
The dam “la Gileppe” and all the hiking possibilities around (site web) (9km)
VERVIERS (site web) (10km): the shopping streets, the cinema (site web), the wool museum, the theatre, the swimming pool
The High Fens (15km): nature reserve, hiking, biking, horseback riding, the nature centre of Botrange, the ski slopes
The city of the Middle Ages, MONTJOIE  (site web) (25km)
The lakes of ROBERTVILLE(29km) and BUTGENBACH
SPA (35km): the thermal baths( site web ), the Spa Monopole company( site web), Francorchamps (site web)
The caves of REMOUCHAMPS (site web)  and the “monde sauvage” of DEIGNE (site web) (40km)
COO: waterfall and amusement park (site web) , kayak (sailing down the Lesse)
The BLEGNY mine (site web)
The Val Dieu abbey near AUBEL (site web) and the country of HERVE : ( site web) capital city of the High Plateau
HENRI-CHAPELLE : the golf club (site web), the American cemetery ( site web)
Aachen (25km) : the thermal baths (site web), the shopping accommodation, the cinemas, the theatres, the ancient city, the dome, etc..

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